Let Me Entertain You!

Jonathan Ritter is an actor/singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from Atascadero, California, Jonathan has performed on Broadway in WICKED, FINDING NEVERLAND, SWEET CHARITY and THE ADDAMS FAMILY on tour. Last summer he starred as Harvey Milk in the play HERE TO RECRUIT YOU at the Wild Project in NYC and has written and directed several YouTube parodies including “Bein’ Part of Newsies” and “Kill Me Maybe.” 

On August 25th, 2019 Jonathan released his debut EP “Lovers in a Different Life.” (Moon Recording, Greenpoint, Brooklyn.) This album is a love letter to his younger self for enduring years of conversion therapy. (Yuck.) “Recording this album quite literally healed my heart and renewed my soul. I hope to spread a message of love and encouragement to anyone who may feel alone, misunderstood, confused or different. You are perfectly loved exactly as you are!!”

Jonathan trained on scholarship at EDGE Performing Arts and received his acting training at the William Esper Studio in NYC under the late Bill Esper. Jonathan performs his music wherever there’s a piano and currently travels the country teaching and choreographing for several Dance Intensives and Competitions. For bookings please contact him at Instagram/Twitter: @fairygodritter

And to anyone dealing with a difficult season: “You are much stronger and braver than you know." XO Jonathan💗🎹




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